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Discover a wonderful corner of Sardinia staying in an apartment near the most beautiful beaches of the Sinis.

This marine area includes the Sinis Peninsula, the island of Mal di Ventre and, further in the south, the rock of Catalan . It is a beautiful natural oasis, especially for its abundance of rocks shaped by the sea, like S'Archittu, spectacular rock arch overlooking the crystal clear water.

The granitic island of Mal di Ventre full of quartz crystals deposited on the beaches . The Marine Protected Area organizes guided dives, like the one in the sea close to the Cathedrals, two buttresses of granite that rise from the bottom of the sea in the south west of the island of Mal di Ventre, teeming with lobster, sea bream, grouper, moray eels, sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtles.

But it is also possible to explore Carousel, part of the slab of granite that connects Mal di Ventre to the Catalan Cliff, with stretches of rock split and colorful corals. For those who love to explore shipwrecks, it is possible to visit a Dutch cargo ship sunk by time, possibly supported by diving instructors.

For more information visit the web site  Sardegna Turismo

In the tranquility of the village of Riola Sardo discover the pleasure to find everything at your fingertips.